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Rising Star Miniature Horses

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This is Dotty.  She has one blue eye.   She is registered AMHR.  Dotty is bred to our leopard appy Bissel Mounds King of Queens for a 2014 foal.  Check out his pedigree on his page. 
Dotty had a beautiful snowcap filly late summer. I will be clipping her soon. She will be for sale



This is Montana Trails End Dark Angel (2006).  She is out of a black leopard and a blue roan appy mare.  She is a small mare and very friendly. She is  bred  to King for a 2013 foal.  WOW Angel and King did it again!!  Beautiful semi-leopard filly multi-colored.  See her on the 2013 foal page.



This is WMH-Bran Nu Doll (2004).  Dolly is out of a dunn appy stud, and a sorrel mare.  She doesn't show appy buthas produced a beautiful leopard filly as her first foal and a black and white leopard stud colt as her second foal. She is bred to King for 2014.Dolly had a tiny bay colt late summer.
He will be clipped as soon as the weather is warm. It looks like he changed to a much darker color. He will be for sale