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Rising Star Miniature Horses

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2013 Foals

2013 semi-leopard filly.  This little gal has it all.  She is put together beautifully.  She has spots everywhere, some red, some black and some brownish bay.  The top of her back consists mostly of dark black.   She is out of Dark Angel and  Bissel Mounds King of Queens. She is easy to catch and work with including bathing and clipping.  She is spunky and the first one up to you when you go out.  She will be AMHR only and is for sale for $1000 firm and worth every penny.  She is a show stopper!!     SOLD






Thefilly below was really tiny when she was born.  She will stay small, probably finishing out around 30 or 31".  She is a semi-leopard with red spots like her mother.  Her tail is red, black and white.  I also see white hair coming in on her neck and behind her ears so I think she will lose alot of the solid coloring after clipping. Her conformation is great with a beautiful head.  She is out of Dotty and King.  She will be AMHR only and for sale for a $1000 firm.  I will be clipping her next week so check back for new pics!! 
This little gal is two this year and has stayed very small. For sale: $ 1000