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Above is our mare Dark Angel.  She has the smoothest  high-stepping action and carries her tail up in the air.  She is really friendly and small.  She stands at 31".  She is bred to King for a 2011 foal.  We also kept her filly from last year.  Photos coming soon.  NOT For Sale

Broken M's Color Me Sassy.  For Sale:  $700 She is a pintaloosa mare with a nice dishy head. She is 35"tall and was born in 1999.  She is sired by Kamelot's Prime Time with heavy Kamelot breeding on top and bottom. She isn't much to look at but she sure out does herself with her beautiful foals.  Her foals are pictured below. 




Crystal is our driving mare.  She is 34.5" tall and is sired by Jandts Fantom King going back to NFC Impressive Samurai and NFC Rowdy's Impressive. She is quite tolerant and patient (I am just learning to drive).  She is bred to our blue roan stallion, Ramaker's King Leo for a 2009 foal.  Crystal had a tiny blue roan filly.  For Sale:   Sold

2004 WW Bran Nu Doll.  She is sired by WW Bran Nu Edition, a dun appaloosa, and WW Hi Hopes Suzy Q, a sorrel mare.  She is bred to King for a 2009 foal.   Dolly had a gorgeous appy filly with color, color, color. 



Above is WW Bran Nu Doll.  She is a really nice mare standing at 32".  She had her first foal last year.  Glory is pictured below.  She is bred to King again for a 2011 foal.  She is very easy to catch, trim, clip and work with.  We want to get down to 4 mares so she is for sale.  $900.  She is worth every penny. 



This is Glory.  She is Dolly's filly.  She is breathtaking.  She hasn't grown much since last Fall.  She is lean and long.  We clipped her yesterday and she was so patient and easy.  She still toes out on the right but not much.  I expect her to continue to straighten.  We are asking $800


This is WW Miss Mouse.  She is sired by HOF CRMH-Cowboy's Traveler, and her dam is Jenny's Jet, a solid black.   My mom purchased her from  Marge Wegner of Wegner Miniatures in Columbus,  MT. She was shown as a two-year old and obtained Montana's high point mare in her division.  We love her style of long and sleek and her beautiful head. 


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